Happy Krishna Janmashtami To Everyone

The world's most eminent physicist Sir Albert Einstein didn't believe in the existence of God, but I do it in a different way being from Sikh background, though my parents often used to call me an Atheist!

I believe that there is one & only one real God who is the greatest and the mightiest Almighty Divine Force, who is the sum-total of all the natural forces which control the whole universe, who always exists, who is the doer, the creator, the provider, the sustainer, the controller, and the all in all of the whole universe, who is fearless and doesn't have any enmity or hatred against anyone, who is timeless & immortal, who is neither born nor dies, who doesn't enter into any life cycles, who is self-existent & omnipresent, who exists right from the pre-beginning & beginning itself, who exists from times immemorial & different eras, who is existing at present also, and who will always exist in future also,whose blessings are always showered on everyone,  thy name should always be worshiped according to Guru Nanak's Mool Mantar! It is my personal view that anyone who believes in it is his pupil, student or a Sikh irrespective of any identity!

Religion has got nothing to do with God, the Almighty Divine Force as it only makes people and different counties fight with one another, while the above definition of God from Guru Nanak's Mool Mantar based on scientific principles of Physics unites everyone due to which I believe in it, though I am an Atheist! 

At the Physical Research Laboratory, PRL, Ahmedabad, India (The mother-cradle of the Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO, we, students, were drawn from all parts of the Indian subcontinent where we lived, learnt and worked together and did our Ph.Ds. after which we departed to serve the global society and now even at the lunar South Pole as Vikram Lander scheduled to land there on 7th September 2019 in Chandrayaan-2 mission, though many of us haven't yet visited our earth's South Pole, Antarctica also which fortunately I did! 

That is our training & spirit from our parents as peaceful human beings all over the world which will always keep us bound together irrespective of many differences of our beliefs & thoughts, views & opinions, places & cultures, etc! Let us all live and let live peacefully in harmony with unity in diversity in this beautiful & wonderful Universe of God, the Almighty Divine Force!

Dr. Parmjit Singh Sehra
(Former PAU Prof, ISRO, NASA/USA & UN Expert, and 1st Indian Antarctic & South Pole Explorer also to do Ph.D. on it and the Founder of the Indian Antarctic Programme, having visited and worked in all the seven continents of the world from Deep Freeze, the coldest place Vostok in Antarctica at -89.3 deg C to Furnace, the hottest place El-Zizia in Libya, Sahara Deserts at 58 deg C, with name in history and details on the internet)

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Dr. Parmjit Singh Sehra, Ph.D. (Sci.)
c/o Dr. (Mrs.) Bhupinder Sehra, MBBS, MD       
Senior Consultant, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Apt. A-4, Bilga General Hospital Campus
(A Unit of CMC, Ludhiana), Village & P.O. Bilga-144036, Nurmahal Road, Tehsil Phillaur, District Jalandhar, Punjab, India