Heartiest Greetings To Everyone On The Auspicious Occasion Of The 550th Birth Anniversary Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji On Tuesday, 12th November 2019 And For Ever !

Heartiest Greetings To Everyone On The Auspicious Occasion Of The 550th Birth Anniversary Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji On Tuesday, 12th November 2019 And For Ever !

About Spiritual Philosophy, many of us are really very strong believers in it, which is based on Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Mool Manttar only – “Ik Onkaar Satgur Parsaad – Ik Onkaar, Sat Naam, Karta Purkh, Nirbhou Nirveyr, Akal Murat, Ajuni Sabhang, Gur Parsad; Jap; Aad Sach, Jugad Sach, Hai Bhi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach”!

To the best of my knowledge, it means that there is Only One God which is True and Great Almighty Divine Force, His Name is True, He is the Creator, Provider, Sustainer and Controller of the Whole Universe and Nature, He is Fearless, Hatred-less, Timeless, Immortal, He does not enter into any Life-cycles, He is Neither Born Nor Dies and is Self-Existent and Omnipresent, Everything is due to His Blessings only; His Name be Worshiped; He is True right from the Pre-beginning, Beginning and All Eras, He is True Even Now, and will be True For Ever!

It is followed by Pehli Pourhi – “Sochian Soch Na Hoviye, Je Sochan Lakh Var, Chupiyan Chup Na Hoveye, Je Lai Rahan Liv Tar, Bhukhiyan Bhukh Na Utri, Je Bana Puriyan Bhar, Sahes Sianpa Lakh Hove, Tan Ik Na Chale Nal, Kiv Sachiariya Hoveye, Kiv Kurhe Tute Par, Hukam Rajai Chalna Nanak Likhia Nal”!

Its meaning in nut shell is that Everything happens as per the Will of God, the Almighty Great Divine Force, and it is predestined by Him, the Creator, Sustainer, Provider & the Controller of the Whole Universe and Nature!

Everyone’s God is the same as there is Only One God irrespective of any race, caste, creed, colour, religion or any living being, etc. This is the great Philosophy of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and is all contained in His Mool Mantra! Many of us believe in it informally as quoted by Bule Shah – Buliya, Rab Da Ki Pauna, Ethon Put Ke Othe Launa meaning that God is Everywhere, For Everyone, and For Ever irrespective of one’s identity which is not very important!

Sikh Faith is the latest and most universal religion and its spiritual philosophy is adaptable by everyone without any identity issues as are often exaggerated unnecessarily! These are, of course, my personal views right from my childhood days due to which my mother often used to call me a Nastik-Atheist, but I do believe in God as defined by Guru Nanak in His Mool Mantar or Whom He Himself regarded as God!

So, I have got an informal, non-fundamentalist, and secular approach in life believing that all religions are really great as they teach good things only! As seen personally for me, I am born in a Sikh family, educated in Hindu institutions, and worked in Muslim and Christian countries thus giving me a world-wide exposure and the above spiritual philosophy!

Some people have commercialized a particular type of religious and spiritual philosophy and and are thus trying to polarize the world-society for their vested interests which is really not good for all living-beings on this earth! The Sikh Faith teaches us Universal Brotherhood as depicted in these holy words- “Nanak, Naam Charhdi Kala, Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala,” meaning that “Oh God, Do Good For Everyone”!

In fact, Work is Worship, and God helps those who help themselves! Everything else is man-made according to the needs of time. Change is the Law of Nature which is controlled by God, the Almighty Divine Force Itself! The following quote of the great Physicist Sir Albert Einstein is applicable for everyone – Life is like riding a bicycle, To keep your balance, you must keep moving! This is all I know about Religion and Spiritual Philosophy!

The Mool Mantar does miracles by considering that Work is Worship, and God helps those who help themselves!
There are actually four steps to every accomplishment – 1. Plan Purposefully, 2. Prepare Patiently, 3. Proceed Positively, and 4. Pursue Persistently. Success is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration! Also, Life gives answers in three ways – 1. It says Yes, and one gets Whatever One Wants, 2. It says Wait, and one gets Something Better, 3. It says No, and one gets the Best! However, one should never ever give up, and continue working hard for success in life because even failures are deferred success! Finally, it is the Will of God, the Almighty Divine Force, which always prevails and one has to accept that as the best, and move ahead!

Newton’s First law of Motion also known as the law of inertia states that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. If we visualize it in real life, it also means that nothing happens by itself – A body at rest will remain at rest and a body in uniform motion will remain in uniform motion unless it is acted upon by an external force either to put it in motion from rest or to stop it from motion and bring it to rest! This external force through any source is created, provided, sustained and controlled directly or indirectly by the Almighty Divine Force, God Itself, and that is how the whole Universe and Nature was created by God with a Big Bang! Scientists call it a Big Bang theory, and also discovered a God particle recently!

Guru Nanak did not call himself God, but he used scientific logic in his spiritual philosophy removing all barriers and superstitions with his holy Gurbani through a secular group of Bhai Bala (Hindu) and Mardana (Muslim) as his disciples! We all should follow his Mool Mantar about God and Holy Preaching irrespective of our race, cast, colour, creed, gender, religion, language, and regional, national or international boundaries, etc, with unity in diversity for a secular and happier world!

Guru Nanak is, in fact, a World Teacher, who regarded Air as Guru, Water as Father, and Earth as Mother in his Gurbani - 'Pawan Guru Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat' emphasizing on keeping the environment neat & clean, saving water resources, and the mother earth, but human beings are now doing completely opposite to it by burning crop residues, firing crackers on festivals, and creating tremendous air & water pollution thus causing climate change and destroying the heavenly mother earth on which they are themselves living! Simply worshiping and following rituals at religious places will not solve any problems, it needs to be done practically outside by actually saving the air, water and mother earth for everyone as well as for future generations!

I believe in Guru Nanak's great spiritual & scientific philosophy that there is only One Real God-the Almighty Divine Force, the sum-total of all the natural forces which control the whole Universe, which always exists and can neither be created nor destroyed by any means but is actually in itself the Creator, the Provider, the Sustainer, the Controller, and the All in All of the whole Universe who is fearless & doesn't have any enmity or hatred with anyone, who is timeless & immortal and is neither born nor dies, who doesn't enter into any life cycles and is ever self-existent & omnipresent from the very pre-beginning & beginning itself, from times immemorial & different eras, and also exists at present and will always exist in future also as per Guru Nanak's Mool Mantar on which is also based the super-hit Hindi feature film 'PK'. 

Culture & Religion have got nothing to do with the real God-the Almighty Divine Force as the former Culture & Religion are made by human beings themselves according to their needs which can be many under different man-made identities which is not important, but the latter is the only one real God-the Almighty Divine Force which recognizes no cultural or religious barriers, whom one can worship & convey gratitude informally in any form at any time anywhere, though some people have commercialized it to a large extent all over the world for their vested interests, which has also polarized the society! 

Guru Nanak was, indeed, a great teacher who gave scientific definition of God as the Almighty Divine Force, the sum total of all the natural forces which control the whole Universe, and tried to unite the people with his Gurbani based on scientific logic, and we all should always work together for one United India & Peaceful World with unity in diversity and humanity as our common goal! 

His great teachings such as Gender Equality and Abolishing of Caste System, etc., should be followed by everyone.as he says in Gurbani, 'So Kiyon Manda Aakhiye Jis Jameyen Rajan' which means "Why one should call women bad when they are the ones who give birth to Kings also! Female foeticide must, therefore,be stopped by all means.Caste System is made by various Rulers to divide and rule the people by using them as their Vote Banks even in the most modern world with democracy today, which should be abolished altogether!

Believe In Science And Believe In The Self Existent & Omnipresent Permanent Divine Force Controlling The Whole Universe, The One & Only One Real God, Says The World Teacher Guru Nanak In His Mool Mantar & Gurbani In The Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib!

It is also beautifully shown in the reputed Hindi Feature Film 'PK' and the enclosed video of some most eminent scientists & personalities' views on Sikhism with Science in this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxTiSqO5KwdeaWJSRndlWGhVeGd0NUJ5RHhiSnNzZkJNTkI4

Religions are now highly commercialized and politicized for vested interests creating lot of problems in the world and they are used as vote banks by dividing and ruling the people rather than uniting and ruling them with hardly any connection with the Almighty Divine Force! Old civilization thus needs to be given some scientific approach with tremendous advancement in science & technology with the passage of time!

The world's most eminent physicist Sir Albert Einstein didn't believe in the existence of God, but I do it in a different way being from Sikh background, though my parents often used to call me an Atheist!

I believe in Guru Nanak's Mool Mantar and thus meditate that there is one & only one real God who is the greatest and the mightiest Almighty Divine Force, who is the sum-total of all the natural forces which control the whole universe, who always exists, who is the doer, the creator, the provider, the sustainer, the controller, and the all in all of the whole universe, who is fearless and doesn't have any enmity or hatred against anyone, who is timeless & immortal, who is neither born nor dies, who doesn't enter into any life cycles, who is self-existent & omnipresent, who exists right from the pre-beginning & beginning itself, who exists from times immemorial & different eras, who is existing at present also, and who will always exist in future also, whose blessings are always showered on everyone, Thy name should always be worshiped! 

It is my personal view that anyone who believes in Guru Nanak's Mool Mantar is his pupil, student or a Sikh irrespective of any identity or outward appearance!

Religion has got nothing to do with God, the Almighty Divine Force if it only makes people and different counties fight with one another! However, the above definition of God from Guru Nanak's Mool Mantar based on scientific principles of Physics unites everyone due to which I believe in it, though I may be an Atheist as often called by my own parents whom I highly respect deep from my heart as next to God only! 

Everyone's first teachers are one's own parents, same for me - my mother Mrs. Satwinder Kaur (Sarpanch of VPO Bhana near Dasuya in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab in India for 20 years), father Mr. Mohinder Singh Sehra (Postmaster), and grandfather Mr. Bir Singh Sehra (Small scale farmer) whom I dedicate my whole life and work.

That is our training & spirit from our parents based on Guru Nanak's Spiritual Philosophy to live as peaceful human beings all over the world which will always keep us bound together irrespective of many differences of our beliefs & thoughts, views & opinions, places & cultures, etc! Let us all live and let live peacefully in harmony with unity in diversity in this beautiful & wonderful Universe of God, the Almighty Divine Force!

May The Almighty Divine Force, The Sum Total Of All The Natural Forces, The One & Only One Real God, The Doer, The Creator, The Provider, The Sustainer, The Controller, And The All In All Of The Whole Universe Always Bless Everyone !

Heartiest Greetings To Everyone On the Auspicious Occasion Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th Birth Anniversary On Tuesday, 12th November 2019 And For Ever!

Dr. Parmjit Singh Sehra

(Former PAU Prof, ISRO, NASA/USA & UN Expert, and 1st Indian Antarctic & South Pole Explorer also to do Ph.D. on it and the Founder of the Indian Antarctic Programme, having visited and worked in all the seven continents of the world from Deep Freeze, the coldest place Vostok in Antarctica at -89.3 deg C to Furnace, the hottest place El-Zizia in Libya, Sahara Deserts at 58 deg C, with name in history and details on the internet)

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